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We build the work of the future.

Decades of being pioneers in innovation


In 1993, Pippa and Ron Seichrist founded the school they wish they had gone to. They saw the parade of students leaving expensive schools with overrated degrees... And they decided to change it.

Together, they created a learning model that blended creative inspiration with real-world experience (and called it Miami Ad School). Before long, their little experiment had locations in 16 cities, and their graduates were making waves around the world.

The present

Our nickname is different, but the promise is the same: we are the Miami Ad School and we are dedicated to promoting creative education.

Today, we're proud to say that our students win more awards than any other creative school (and have more fun while doing it). Our network of graduates has multiplied by thousands and continues to grow. As the world changes around us, we can confidently say that our students are prepared for whatever the future holds.

The future

We are not fortune tellers. We don't know exactly what the future holds.

However, this is what we can promise: we will always be open to change. That's what our model is based on: bringing in world-class creative experts to teach and allowing them to use their expertise in the field to guide what students learn. It is a model that not only adapts to change, but positively thrives.

In summary: the future at Miami Ad School Madrid is very promising.

What do we do?

El mundo de la creatividad siempre está cambiando. En Miami Ad School Madrid, preparamos a los estudiantes para enfrentar esa realidad y prosperar.

Nuestro concepto educativo único combina una formación realista (de profesionales en ejercicio) con experiencias internships in agencies, brands and advertising organizations revolucionarias de todo el mundo.

Nuestros estudiantes se gradúan con un portafolio de primer nivel lleno de proyectos de nivel profesional, un teléfono lleno de contactos del mundo real y las habilidades para tener éxito en la industria creativa del mañana.

¿Por qué Miami Ad School?

Personalize your education

El modelo Miami Ad School está diseñado para refinar y mejorar las habilidades naturales de cada estudiante. Es un sistema adaptable. Realiza una pasantía en Ogilvy en Tokio, luego toma clases en New York… O trabaja un tiempo con una agencia importante.

No matter what you need to thrive, we'll make it work. Through the school's close partnerships with the creative industry, you'll have hundreds of opportunities to extend your learning beyond the walls of your local campus.

Learn from the best

Our teachers are industry professionals, from global networks like Ogilvy, Sapient, 360i and R/GA, slightly smaller agencies like Droga5, Cutwater and Alma, global companies like Google and Instagram, and startups you'll soon hear about.

They teach our students the latest trends and techniques that they use every day in their jobs.

Win prizes and get noticed

Year after year, our students win more awards than any other creative school. It's a testament to the way our instructors go above and beyond, pushing students to develop new skills and then showcase themselves.

As a result, at any major creative competition under the sun, you'll find a contingent of MA students showing off (and winning). When our students graduate, they will likely have a shiny award to dangle in front of any potential recruiter.

Build a network and… Find a job!

Students who come to Miami Ad School Madrid are joining a creative family.

Our instructors are creative professionals. Our graduates are leading thinkers, creators, and entrepreneurs at cutting-edge advertising agencies, design firms, and brands around the world (think Google, Goodby Silverstein, TikTok, etc.). Most importantly, we make sure each student practices on real projects for real clients while they are still in school.

All of that means that when Miami Ad School Madrid students graduate, they leave with a phone full of over 100 professional contacts, to help them find an audience for their work and land a job right after school.

The school of DOING

Think about all the amazing people you once admired. Thinkers, writers, dreamers, creators... How did they leave their mark?

Here's the truth: they did something. They became great by working in greatness. They practiced and practiced and practiced some more.

La práctica es el principio fundamental detrás de todo lo que hacemos. Creemos que la creatividad es una habilidad que debe perfeccionarse y desarrollarse. También creemos que la experiencia es el mejor maestro. En Miami Ad Scchool, le damos a cada estudiante la oportunidad de acceder a experiencias que sacan a relucir su yo más creativo.

Let's make sure you're next.

Are you going to be next?

A nuestros alumnos les encanta Miami Ad School

How can you tell if a school really works?

Lo oirás en las voces de los graduados. Lo verá en el increíble trabajo que hacen una vez que se van. Y en el caso de Miami Ad School, lo único que tienes que hacer es escuchar lo que tienen que decir nuestros graduados.

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