NoMiami Ad School Madrid Experience

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Thanks to the school's connections, Portfolio Program students or any of our Bachelors have more than 800 opportunities a year to study and do internships around the world.

Get hands-on experience before you graduate. Build a huge network of industry contacts to help you throughout your career. Hover over to see where you can go.

*This map is indicative. Agencies and opportunities change every quarter. Check with your study coordinator which ones are available.

Don't miss the unique experience of studying abroad

What does it consist of?

During a period of 3 months (approx.), you will be able to leave your base school to visit other schools in the network, agencies and countries. You will study in Madrid the first and second year, and you can choose to go to up to 4 different destinations to study and work in the following years.

Where to study?

The first four terms you study at your base school, and from the second year you can continue at your base school or in any of the other 12 schools. You will participate in the Quarter Away program, which will offer you the possibility of participating in an Agency Lab or an Internship.

lauren cooper

Associate Creative Director at McCann New York

"When we were in Berlin, we spent the majority of our time working on launching a social brand that was all about advancing a fictional plot. We got to write all day, every day, in the voices of the different fictional characters. Our work went on all the social channels. It was an amazing experience."

Corrine Vance

Copywriter at Saatchi & Saatchi

“In NoMiami Ad School Madrid I worked on everything from Gatorade to Google, and I even did some pitches which helped win new business. It was a great opportunity to stretch myself to craft my copywriting and to meet a lot of new fun people along the way.”

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