Degree courses

Registrations open: October 2023

We have degree programs that we carry out together with prestigious universities in the United Kingdom. Which will allow you to have the most complete training in Advertising that combines practice and theory.

What does the University Degree program consist of?

Portfolio Program

1st and 2nd Year

you will do the 2 year portfolio course in our school, where you will learn in practice everything necessary to enter the best advertising agencies worldwide. You can also do internships in Spain and other cities to complete your training.

University at UK

3rd Year

We have agreements with 2 universities in England with which you can complement your training and obtain an official English university degree.

What degree programs do we offer?

Solent University

Bachelor of Arts (HONS)

You can choose the Graphic Design or Media Production specialization. You will complete your third full year on the university campus in the town of Southampton, a city on the south coast of England that you can reach directly from the airport by train.

Bachelor in Advertising (HONS)

Realizarás el tercer año completo en el campus universitario en el Epsom de la University for the Creative Arts y allí obtendrás el título de Advertising BA/BSc (Hons).

University of the Creative Arts

London University

Bachelor in Marketing or Design (HONS)


Se estudia de manera online, lo harás paralelamente a tu Portfolio Program y a tu ritmo.

Al finalizar, obtendrás el grado BA (Hons) Design o BA (Hons) Marketing.

Real experience

Prepare for your future

There is a reason why the job placement rate of our students is the highest: and that is because at Miami Ad School we prepare students to stand out in the industry. 

While you study your Portfolio Program, you will receive professional guidance and reviews of your portfolio from industry experts.

Additionally, you'll have the opportunity to build relationships with influential professionals in the industry that will be comparable to the networks of seasoned veterans.

Finally, we send all of our graduates hundreds of job offers each year for the remainder of their career.

International experience

NoMiami Ad School Madrid Program

NoMiami Ad School Madrid opportunities allow students to study and intern in cities around the world. Thanks to our collaboration with companies and agencies around the world, we are able to offer hundreds of NoMiami Ad School Madrid opportunities each year.

Imagine going to a client meeting in Atlanta, a photo shoot in Tokyo, or a brainstorming session in New York. You will spend seven hours a day for 10 weeks in the creative department receiving mentoring from the company's staff and building your network of contacts in the sector.

Nerea Cierco
Executive Creative Director @ DDB
Amaia Ugarte
Digital Creative Director @ BBVA
Paco Conde
Founder & Creative @ Activist
Alex Sanchez
Head of Social Media @ David Madrid
Maddy Kramer
Digital Manager @ Endelman NY
Mario Pagano
Movie Maker
Marta Galan
Senior Strategy Manager @ Mccann
David Vijil
CEO @ Proximity

Do you need advice?

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More information

Many students who want to dedicate themselves to the world of Advertising decide to study at a traditional University, but at the end of their studies they find that old methodologies and programs that have not been modified in years and years, lead to old and not very useful training. in the world we live in. 

At Miami Ad School, we have created a program that adapts to the needs of the industry and that creates highly trained professionals. We have also seen that many students who come directly from high school need to expand this knowledge in a little more depth: that is why we we have partnered with universities of very high prestige; to offer our youngest students the possibility of obtaining the best training in advertising along with an official degree. 

Additionally, our school stands out for:

  • Reputation and prestige: Miami Ad School is an internationally recognized advertising school. You have established a strong reputation in the advertising industry, which can open doors and provide career opportunities.
  • Practical approach: The school focuses on providing a practical and industry-oriented education. Students have the opportunity to work on real projects and develop skills that are directly applicable in the workplace.
  • Network of contacts: Miami Ad School attracts students from around the world, providing an excellent opportunity to network globally. These connections can be valuable in the world of advertising and communications.
  • Experienced teachers: The school usually has professors who have extensive experience in the advertising industry. This means that students can learn from professionals with experience and practical knowledge.
  • Creative approach: Advertising is a highly creative industry, and Miami Ad School has a focus on fostering creativity and innovation in its students. This may be attractive to those who want to work in a field that values originality and imagination.

Degrees obtained in the United Kingdom are generally considered official and of high academic quality. Universities in the UK are highly regulated and many of them are among the best in the world. The degrees awarded by these universities are widely recognized and respected internationally.

Regarding the validation of degrees obtained in the United Kingdom in Spain, it is important to keep in mind that the validation process may vary depending on the type of degree and the educational system of each country.

In the case of Spain, the validation of foreign degrees is regulated by the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training. For a degree obtained in the United Kingdom to be validated in Spain, the applicant must follow certain procedures and requirements established by the Spanish educational authorities. In general, the validation process involves the presentation of the necessary documentation and the evaluation of the studies carried out abroad to determine their equivalence with the Spanish educational system.

It is important to highlight that not all degrees can be directly validated, since equivalence will depend on the similarity between the study plans and training levels between both countries. Some validations may require additional courses or complementary exams.

A career as an advertising creative offers various job opportunities in the field of advertising, marketing and communication. Advertising creatives are responsible for conceiving, developing and executing creative ideas for advertising campaigns and communication strategies that attract and persuade target audiences. Some of the job opportunities for advertising creatives include:

  1. Copywriter: Copywriters are creative writers who are responsible for writing persuasive messages and texts used in advertisements, print advertisements, television commercials, content for websites and social networks, among other media.

  2. Art director: Art directors are responsible for the visual part of advertising campaigns. They design and create graphic elements, logos, illustrations and other visual images to support creative strategy.

  3. Digital Creative: With the rise of digital marketing, advertising creatives can focus on developing specific creative content for online platforms, such as social media campaigns, display ads, viral videos and interactive content.

  4. Strategic Planner: Advertising creatives can play roles as strategic planners, engaging in market research and data analysis to develop creative strategies that resonate with target audiences.

  5. Multimedia Creative: Advertising creatives may work on multimedia projects, such as creating content for virtual reality experiences, mobile apps, interactive advertising, and other emerging media.

  6. Account Executive: Some advertising creatives may opt for roles in the account area, where they are responsible for management and communication with clients, ensuring that creative strategies align with client needs.

  7. Freelance or advertising agencies: Advertising creatives can work independently as freelancers, offering their creative services to various companies and clients, or they can work in advertising agencies, where they collaborate in the creation of campaigns for different brands and clients.

  8. Branding and marketing: Some advertising creatives can venture into the field of branding and marketing, working on the development of brand identities, positioning strategies and corporate communication.

It is important to note that advertising is a dynamic and competitive industry, so advertising creatives must always be up to date with the latest trends and technologies. The ability to work as a team, creativity, effective communication skills and flexibility are essential skills to be successful in this profession.

In the UK education system, many degree courses generally last three years, unlike some other education systems which may have longer courses. There are several reasons for this typical three-year duration:

  1. Early specialisation: In the UK education system, students often choose their area of study earlier compared to other systems where there is a longer period of general education before specialisation. This allows students to focus on their field of interest from the beginning and gain more specific and specialized training in their chosen career.

  2. Focus on efficiency: The three-year duration is designed to offer a high-quality education in a relatively short period of time. This allows students to enter the job market more quickly and potentially start their careers earlier than in systems with longer careers.

  3. Structure of the educational system: The higher education system in the United Kingdom is organized in a three-year degree model, which is divided into stages: the first year (Year 1) can be considered as undergraduate level of education, while the second (Year 2) and third year (Year 3) correspond to the undergraduate level of education.

  4. Greater academic intensity: Degree programs in the UK can be more intensive and focused on specialization, allowing students to obtain a degree in less time. This may include more intense study periods and fewer long vacations between semesters.

Before entering the world of advertising, it is crucial to recognize the importance of creativity and the ability to work as a team. Although no prior knowledge is required to begin the degree, it is essential to be willing to develop these skills in school. 

Creativity is cultivated and enhanced throughout the career, as is teamwork, since they are fundamental tools for success in the advertising field.

Creative careers, such as advertising, play a fundamental role in a world driven by innovation and constant communication.

Studying advertising not only fosters the ability to generate original ideas, but also promotes problem solving, strategic thinking, and the ability to convey effective messages to diverse audiences.

The skills and tools acquired throughout the career distinguishes those who study advertising, giving them an invaluable competitive advantage in the job market.

Throughout your advertising degree at Miami Ad School, you will gain a wide range of skills that will set you apart in the world of advertising. You will learn to use key design tools, turning your ideas into reality. You will master programs like Illustrator, Photoshop, After Effects, InDesign and WordPress, which will enable you to create high-quality visual and audiovisual content.

Our classes are specially designed to enhance the creative thinking, allowing you to fully expand your creative capacity. Additionally, they will learn about Data Mining, using automation to discover relationships between data sets, an essential skill for improving decision processes in the world of advertising.

These are just some of the skills and knowledge you will acquire during your career at Miami Ad School, comprehensively preparing you to succeed in the advertising industry.

At Miami Ad School we understand the invaluable importance of applying knowledge in real work environments. Our degree provides the opportunity to immerse yourself in the workforce, facing real challenges and understanding the dynamics of the advertising industry from the inside.

These practices not only complement the theory learned, but also allow the development of practical skills, such as problem solving in real time, adaptability to different scenarios and team collaboration.

In addition, they allow us to obtain a deep understanding of the trends and dynamics of the labor market, providing the opportunity to make valuable connections. This network of contacts will not only broaden your vision of the industry, but will also open doors to possible job opportunities.

At Miami Ad School, we not only prepare you academically, but we give you the tools and connections necessary to boost your career in the advertising industry from day one. Among the opportunities we offer our students to establish connections in the advertising industry are:

  • NoMiami Ad School Madrid Experience: Our students have access to more than 800 opportunities a year for internships and studies around the world. This global network offers practical experiences that complement academic training, while expanding the network of contacts in the industry by providing support and opportunities throughout the professional career.
  • Portfolio Review: Our portfolio review event is an experience like no other in the industry. Students have the opportunity to participate in up to 10 interviews in a single day, interacting with creative industry leaders.
  • Network for life: During your studies at Miami Ad School, you will build a professional network of more than 100 contacts. We facilitate this ongoing connection between our graduates through our internal website, where job opportunities from leading agencies are posted and graduates have the opportunity to share their own offers. Additionally, we have a private LinkedIn group that allows us to keep the network active, sharing updates and encouraging collaboration among our growing family of graduates.

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