International Portfolio Program

What does the Portfolio Program consist of?

Course information

An intensive and highly specialized program designed to help students develop a strong and outstanding portfolio in the field of advertising and visual communication. This program focuses on providing students with the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in the creative industry.

The main objective of the Portfolio Program is to allow students to create a portfolio of creative works that demonstrate their talent, skills and ability to solve problems in an innovative way. Throughout the program, students work on real-world, challenging and diverse projects that allow them to develop a wide range of creative and technical skills.

The program covers a variety of disciplines, such as art direction, copywriting, graphic design, creative strategy and audiovisual production. Students also have the opportunity to specialize in specific areas of interest, allowing them to delve deeper into their strengths and preferred areas of focus.

What are you going to learn in your Master of Advertising Creativity

Design tools

Technical skills

We will teach you how to use the essential design programs for your profession: Photoshop, Illustrator, WordPress, Indesign and more.


Learn to think

You will learn the trade from the best creatives in the industry. Miami Ad School is the most awarded school in the world.

International experience

NoMiami Ad School Madrid Program International

During periods of 3 months you will be able to leave your school during the four quarters of the second year to visit other schools in the network, agencies and countries.

Real Experience

NoMiami Ad School Madrid Program Local

If you decide to stay at your base school, you can take the NoMiami Ad School Madrid program in Madrid, applying for jobs in agencies and companies such as Lola, Mccann, DDB, and many more.

Creative Portfolio

Work with real briefs

You will continue to advance in creative birefs that will be part of your portfolio, presenting your ideas and producing the content within a practical 100% learning.

Student competitions


The best way to know how we are doing our job is to compete with the brightest minds in the world. Every year our students sweep national and international festivals.


Put your knowledge into practice

At the end of your studies you will have the possibility of doing up to 6 months of internship thanks to our agreement with the UEMC.


Portfolio Review

It is a meeting attended by the best agencies in Spain and you have the opportunity to have a private interview with the ones you want and show them your completed portfolio.

Real experience

Prepare for your future

There is a reason why the job placement rate of our students is the highest: and that is because at Miami Ad School we prepare students to stand out in the industry. 

While you study your Portfolio Program, you will receive professional guidance and reviews of your portfolio from industry experts.

Additionally, you'll have the opportunity to build relationships with influential professionals in the industry that will be comparable to the networks of seasoned veterans.

Finally, we send all of our graduates hundreds of job offers each year for the remainder of their career.

International experience

NoMiami Ad School Madrid Program

NoMiami Ad School Madrid opportunities allow students to study and intern in cities around the world. Thanks to our collaboration with companies and agencies around the world, we are able to offer hundreds of NoMiami Ad School Madrid opportunities each year.

Imagine going to a client meeting in Atlanta, a photo shoot in Tokyo, or a brainstorming session in New York. You will spend seven hours a day for 10 weeks in the creative department receiving mentoring from the company's staff and building your network of contacts in the sector.

Do you need advice?

Paula es una Todoterreno V8 2.5 FULL EQUIP capaz de atender y solucionar hasta 6 mil problemas a la vez. Es nuestra directora de estudios y seguro puede resolver tus inquietudes profesionales y de vida.


What do the Copywriting and Art Direction specialties consist of?


Study Creative Writing

Learn to think creatively to create creative texts, ideas, scripts and headlines and build brands through strategic content creation.

You will specialize in writing and conceptualizing creative ideas and strategies.

Specialize in Art Direction

The Art Director works together with the copywriter to create creative ideas with the aim of building and carrying out communication strategies.

You will specialize in the visual part of creativity, learning to create visual pieces of all kinds. 

Art Direction

Portfolio Program: study advertising and creativity in Miami Ad School Madrid

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