Local Portfolio Program

Intensive course to create your creative portfolio

What does the Miami Ad School Local Master consist of?

The Local Master is a year-long program that will immerse you in a dynamic and challenging learning environment. If you already have prior advertising knowledge and are ready to take your creative skills to the next level, this course is ideal for you.

We will focus intensely on building your portfolio. We will guide you to create pieces that capture the essence of your creativity and allow you to shine in the working world.

Our main goal is to prepare you for success in the professional world. With Miami Ad School's highly recognized reputation behind us, we will provide you with the skills and knowledge necessary to excel in the creative industry.

For those seeking the extraordinary

If you are a person with prior knowledge looking to enter the world of work with an impressive portfolio, the Local Master at Miami Ad School is the path you should follow. Prepare to be part of a program that will challenge, inspire, and guide you toward creative and professional success.

Don't miss the opportunity to take the leap into your creative future with the Local Master at Miami Ad School. Enroll today and begin your journey toward a career full of creative possibilities!

What are you going to learn in your intensive Master's Degree in Advertising Creativity

Design tools

Design classes

Immerse yourself in the world of essential tools for your career. Our approach gives you the opportunity to master crucial software for creative professionals, such as Photoshop, Illustrator, WordPress and Indesign, among others.

Advertising creativity

Learn to think

You will learn from the most outstanding mentors in the creative industry. Miami Ad School is globally renowned for being the most awarded educational institution in the field. Get ready to absorb the secrets and techniques of creative masters.
Creative Portfolio

Work with real briefs

Move beyond the conventional, engaging in real creative briefs that will become cornerstones of your portfolio. Present your ideas, bring concepts to life, and produce meaningful content in a fully hands-on learning environment.
Student competitions


Nothing reflects our performance better than measuring ourselves against the greatest minds in the world. Every year, our students stand out in renowned festivals, both nationally and internationally, demonstrating our educational excellence.


Portfolio Review

Imagine a meeting in which you meet face to face with the most influential agencies in Spain. Our Portfolio Review event gives you that unique opportunity. 


Put your knowledge into practice

Upon completion of your studies, you will open the door to up to 6 months of internships under our collaboration with the UEMC. This opportunity allows you to translate your skills into concrete and relevant experiences in the industry.

Choose your specialty and focus your creative career

Art Direction

Create your portfolio to work in Art Direction

1 year

Enroll in the Local Master in Art Direction to hone your skills in an intensive program, expand your network of contacts, and define your path to a successful creative career.

You will learn to conceptualize, generate creative ideas, sell them and execute them in all media. In addition, you will create a high-level creative portfolio


Study to be a Creative Writing professional

1 year

With this master's degree you will learn to conceptualize, generate creative ideas, sell them and create a high-level creative portfolio.

You will acquire all the tools and skills to become a true creativity professional and you will become a great copy.

Creativity & Innovation

Creativity, Design Thinking, Service Design and strategy

1 year

The Creativity & Innovation Master was born from the need to train the hybrid creatives of the future, because we no longer understand creativity without innovation, because the new creativity and innovation must respond to the future challenges that arise in the present.


Hybrid creatives with strategic profiles

6 months

Become a creative with a strategic profile, capable of thinking with a creative and analytical vision to adapt to the search for hybrid profiles that are increasingly in demand in the industry.
Nerea Cierco
Executive Creative Director @ DDB
Amaia Ugarte
Digital Creative Director @ BBVA
Paco Conde
Founder & Creative @ Activist
Alex Sanchez
Head of Social Media @ David Madrid
Maddy Kramer
Digital Manager @ Endelman NY
Mario Pagano
Movie Maker
Marta Galan
Senior Strategy Manager @ Mccann
David Vijil
CEO @ Proximity

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