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A content creation course designed and taught by BCMA professionals

Our Content Creation Master is aimed at those students who want to learn how to offer real Branded Content solutions and in all formats to a brand. With a teaching staff made up of professionals with recognized experience in the discipline and associated with the BCMA, Branded Content Marketing Association. This master's degree also has the endorsement and involvement of said association in the design of the course and selection of teachers.



16 weeks


Tuesday and Thursday from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m.


Live online + 18 hours of video classes


€1900 + €100 registration fee | Bonusable by Tripartite Foundation | 10% discount for BCMA, CdeC and APG

Why study your master's degree in Branded Content at Miami Ad School?

What will you learn

You will become a professional capable of attracting and generating an audience for the brand yourself. And you will learn to create content strategies in both entertainment and advertising formats in equal parts.

How will you learn it

Through specific training in strategy, creativity, production and distribution for any of the existing Branded Content formats. And with supportive tutorials that will help you work on the briefs (from real clients) that you will receive throughout the course. So that you start thinking and solving from the first month as a Content Creator.

With instructors of the highest level

This revolutionary program has been devised by Marcos García together with the management of Miami Ad School. Additionally, during the course you will have classes and workshops with the most influential professionals in the industry. It is a unique opportunity to network and get a job.

Content Creator Master Modules


Introduction to Branded Content

We recommend starting with introductory content that contextualizes what Branded Content is in an area of interruption/saturation, in which we believe it is important to clarify the difference that exists between PULL and PUSH communication for a brand.

Taking BCMA Spain's definition of Branded Content as a starting point, we will mark differences between the different disciplines (content marketing, barnded content, Brand entertainment, product placement, sponsorship, advertising, native advertising, etc...)


Introduction to the content distribution and promotion strategy. (The optimization of investment). Definition of the audience and brand territory (The Sweet Spot).

Delivery of the first briefing to analyze the brand and define objectives. 

Ideation | Creation – Production – Distribution

Based on the BCMA's FOCO tool, we enter into the importance of the trinomial “ideation, production and distribution of content”, considering the idea of formats comparable to those of the entertainment industry, classified according to their nature (Audiovisual, Sound , Editorial, Digital Interactive and Experiential).

Fiction/non-fiction ideation and TV program ideation.

Production and distribution

Success stories.

Production and distribution of sound content.

Review of works – Ideation of editorial content.

Physical and digital experience.

Production and distribution of experiential content + tutoring.

Ideation, production and distribution of digital content.

We enter the most profitable industry in the world of entertainment.

Master transmedia storytelling through different platforms with an active role in consumer expansion.

Influencers, TikTok, Twitch and Discord.

Final work delivery.

As a student of our Content Creator course you will have the possibility of accessing 11 masterclasses with more than 100 lessons in a total of 18 hours of talks given by the best professionals in the sector so that you can complement your course at your own pace and from wherever you want.

Do you need advice?

Marcos García has an extensive career in the creative sector. He has been Creative Director of agencies such as McCann Erickson, GRAY and Wonderland. He is part of the main team of teachers at the Miami Ad School Madrid and is the one who designed this course together with the school management.

Susana Ugidos
Head of MarCom | Directora de Marca at Renault
Sunde J. Sastre Torregrosa
Founding Partner & Creative Consultant at CØLLAGE
Luis Alcazar
Deputy Director of Business Development and R&D at Tesseo Producciones
Miguel Escribano Busto
Executive Producer Harold Entertainment | MIBER
Ivan Ramos
Head of Strategy at Dentsu
Alfonso García Valenzuela
Chief Creative Officer & Chief Innovation Officer at IPG Mediabrands
Pilar Martínez
Director of the Madrid Office Casanova Agency
Andrea Perez
Creative Strategist at CNCC | Condé Nast Spain
Juanma Ortega
CEO Fifth Level Studies
Ricardo Zafra Perez
Head of Digital Communications at Pernod Ricard
Quique Cadórniga
Esports Marketing at Well Played Brands
Gonzalo Madrid
Chief Strategy Officer at WINK
Harris Castillo
Comms Senior Director | Head of Culture & Entertainment en APPLE TREE

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More information

To be a successful Content Creator, you need to have a variety of skills and qualities such as:

  • Creativity: It is essential that you have the ability to generate original and creative ideas to capture the audience's attention.
  • Technical skills: To successfully develop your ideas, it is important that you have knowledge of video editing, photography, graphic design, etc.
  • Effective communication: It is important for a content creator to have the ability to convey their ideas clearly and concisely.
  • Connection and understanding of the audience: It is essential to understand and connect with the audience to convey ideas clearly.
  • Adaptability: Content creators must know how to learn and adapt to new trends and platforms.
Studying a Content Creator master's degree at Miami Ad School offers an exceptional opportunity to develop yourself as a professional in the field of content creation and brand strategy. Among the reasons why you should consider taking this master's degree are:
  • Audience and own brand: A successful Content Creator has the ability to build a base of loyal followers who identify with their approach and style.
  • Complex content strategies: During the program, you will learn how to create content strategies in both entertainment and advertising formats. This will allow you to understand how to balance creativity and brand promotion effectively.
  • Specialized training: Our master addresses the different aspects, from strategy to production and distribution, guaranteeing a complete understanding of the entire process and being able to create content that resonates with the audience.
  • Tutorials and real jobs: The program includes supportive tutorials for working on real client briefs, giving you invaluable practical experience so you can apply your knowledge in real-world situations from the start.
Employment possibilities: Upon completion of the master's degree, you will be prepared to enter the workforce with solid skills and a deep understanding of Content Creator.

Branded content is used in a wide variety of media, giving brands the opportunity to tell stories to their audiences.. These stories are made through various channels and platforms, ranging from social networks to websites, podcasts, blogs, magazines and others.

Branded content is an extremely effective strategy for brands, as it allows them to create valuable and relevant content for their audience. instead of limiting itself to the mere promotion of its products or services. Through this type of content, brands can establish an emotional connection with their consumers, increasing trust and loyalty towards the brand.

Branded content is an essential tool in digital content strategies due to its ability to generate an authentic and meaningful connection with the audience.. Unlike direct promotion, branded content allows brands to tell relevant and valuable stories to their consumers, which in turn allows them to build lasting relationships, foster trust and establish a strong brand identity.

A branded content specialist must perform a series of essential functions to develop effective branded content strategies. Among its responsibility it is possible to mention:
  • Strategies development: create strategic branded content plans that are aligned with the objectives of the brand, the audience and the distribution channels
  • Audience research: thoroughly analyze the audience to understand their needs, interests and behaviors.
  • Content creation: produce authentic content that is in line with the brand's values and objectives.
  • Project management: coordinate and manage creative teams, deadlines and resources to ensure content delivery.
  • Innovation and trends: stay up to date with trends in digital content and marketing to incorporate fresh and relevant approaches.
  • Competition analysis: They perform comparative analyzes of competitor content, identifying opportunities to position the brand effectively.
  • Maintaining brand identity: ensure that the brand's content reflects its values and identity.

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