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Obtain your bachelor's degree in 3 years

By completing this degree you will obtain a double qualification: the Portfolio Program diploma, 2 years in which you will create a portfolio full of creative pieces, with international professional opportunities and a wide network of contacts, and an official English Bachelor of Arts (Hons. ) in Media Production or Graphic Design, equivalent to an Official University Degree in Spain.

Our degree courses start every year in October.


The course lasts 3 years in total. The first two years of the Portfolio Program are completed entirely at Miami Ad School. The third year takes place in person at the Epsom Campus of the University for the Creative Arts.


It is an essentially face-to-face course. as, availability etc. They can be done online. The third year takes place in person on the Southampton university campus.


The first two years They have a cost of €22,000 that can be paid monthly - 24 payments of €917 | quarterly - 8 payments of €2,750 | annual - 2 payments of €11,000

The third year, is paid directly to Solent University and costs £XXXX for EU resident students and £16,950 for international students.

Registration costs €300 and must be paid in order to reserve a place.

What does our Bachelor of Arts consist of?

Portfolio Program:

2 years training in the best Advertising Creativity school in the world

In-person classes

With the best teachers: all of them actively work in the best agencies, they are the ones who decide the direction of the industry and are in our school to prepare our students for the real world.

Real experience

Within what we call NoMiami Ad School Madrid program, during the second year you will have the possibility of completing part of your training within an advertising agency.

Experience international

The NoMiami Ad School Madrid program works in Spain and in dozens of cities around the world, so you can decide to stay in Madrid or apply to do your internship in Amsterdam, New York, Berlin, Buenos Aires, Sao Pablo, etc.


Our former students are in the best positions in the best companies of the moment. And you will have a mentor who will accompany you on your professional path to advise you.


In addition to all the contacts you will make during your course, at the end of the master's degree you will be part of the Portfolio Review: an event where national and international agencies interview our students in a "speed date" format.


Miami Ad School is the most awarded school in the world. Year after year our students participate in the most renowned festivals in the world.

Solent University:

1 full year studying to obtain your degree in Graphic Design or Media Production

A full year studying at the prestigious Solent University

You will spend a year studying in the city of Southampton at a prestigious university, to obtain your degree where you can choose your specialty.

Specialize in Graphic Design

Work and study at the point where art meets communication. Become a graphic designer and learn the best techniques to develop your visual style.

Specialize in Media Production

You'll improve your content creation skills and learn the multidisciplinary capabilities that industry employers are looking for.

What degree do I obtain in my Advertising Degree at Miami Ad School?

Portfolio Program Degree

A private degree awarded by Miami Ad School, with wide national and international recognition in the advertising and communication industry.

Bachelor of Arts (HONS)

An official UK qualification from one of the most prestigious universities with a specialization in Graphic Design or Media Production.

Study blocks

We tell you what are you going to learn year by year to become a top creative in the industry and start your creative career in the place in the world that you like the most:



The first year You will spend it at the Madrid school, learning the concepts you need to think about advertising campaigns, brand strategies and beginning to know which are the best agencies in the sector.

Design tools

Technical skills

You will learn to use the main design programs to carry out your ideas: Illustrator, Photoshop, After Effects, InDesign and WordPress.


Learn to think

Creativity is learned, and at Madrid Ad School we have the best. You will have classes exclusively on creative thinking.

In it second year You can continue taking classes all year round in Madrid or you can start living the world of work by doing training in agencies around the world.

Creativity + Portfolio

Work with real briefs

You will continue to advance in creative birefs that will be part of your portfolio, presenting your ideas and producing the content within a practical 100% learning.


Put your knowledge into practice in the real world

At the end of your studies you will have the possibility of doing up to 6 months of internship thanks to our agreement with the UEMC.

Student Competitions

learning to think

Creativity is learned, and at Madrid Ad School we have the best. You will have classes exclusively on creative thinking.

Portfolio Review

The best networking

It is a meeting attended by the best agencies in Spain and you have the opportunity to have a private interview with the ones you want and show them your completed portfolio.

You Third year You will take it at SOLENT UNIVERSITY. You will join the third year of the Bachelor of Arts and it will be there where you graduate in the specialty you choose.

Graphic Design

Contecxt Professional

You will have two annual briefs for which you will need to apply your knowledge in research, analysis, production and visual communication.

Graphic Design

Visual Research and proposal

You begin to work on your final proposal, your entire year will be focused on the project you choose along with the help of your tutors.

Graphic Design

Professional Practice

You will learn the skills necessary to enter the professional world that interests you most. Let's start working on what you will do when you finish your degree.

Media Production

Media Work

Find your career path: You'll explore the range of careers available to you in media work after graduation.

Media Production

Final Major Project

With complete creative freedom, demonstrate everything you've learned in your degree to conceptualize, present, research, develop and ultimately produce a signature creative statement.

Media Production

Media Work

Find your career path: You'll explore the range of careers available to you in media work after graduation, polish your portfolio, and discuss the top "hot" topics affecting the sector.

Media Production

Social media

You will learn the practical, logistical and interpersonal skills necessary to run outstanding social media campaigns.

Media Production

Future Stories

You will explore immersive, participatory, interactive and experiential media technologies, and tell stories in new and engaging ways.

Do you need advice?

Paula es una Todoterreno V8 2.5 FULL EQUIP capaz de atender y solucionar hasta 6 mil problemas a la vez. Es nuestra directora de estudios y seguro puede resolver tus inquietudes profesionales y de vida.

Nerea Cierco
Executive Creative Director @ DDB
Amaia Ugarte
Digital Creative Director @ BBVA
Paco Conde
Founder & Creative @ Activist
Alex Sanchez
Head of Social Media @ David Madrid
Maddy Kramer
Digital Manager @ Endelman NY
Mario Pagano
Movie Maker
Marta Galan
Senior Strategy Manager @ Mccann
David Vijil
CEO @ Proximity

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🧠 Creative exercises. Choose one of the following options:

1. Examples of your creativity

Send us at least four examples of any creative expression made by yourself. The work can be photography, painting, advertising, stories, illustrations, animation, sculpture, designs, etc. We want to see what media you feel comfortable working with. If you have an online portfolio, send us the link.

2. Create a beverage brand

Create a beverage brand with original and fun bottles. Give it a name and describe the concept. Create 3 different flavors and a design for each one as well as a promotional poster for your drink.

3. Put two words together into a concept

We want you to make two creative designs by putting the words together: “dog” and “car.” Combine them, use your imagination and go further to create two designs that express these two ideas in one. The format? poster.


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More information

Southampton is a vibrant port city located on the south coast of England. With a history dating back to Roman times, this city combines its rich heritage with a modern and dynamic atmosphere. As home to one of the UK's leading universities, Solent University, Southampton attracts a diverse and lively student population, giving it a young and multicultural atmosphere.

Southampton offers a wide range of cultural activities, from theaters and art galleries to a bustling nightlife with restaurants, bars and clubs to suit all tastes. Green spaces, parks and recreation areas offer opportunities for outdoor activities, while its coastal location provides access to beautiful beaches and panoramic sea views. In short, Southampton is a diverse and dynamic city that combines its historic heritage with a modern and exciting urban experience.

Solent University, located in Southampton, United Kingdom, is a higher education institution that stands out for its practical approach and connection to industry. Founded in 2004, although it has roots dating back to the 1850s, it offers a wide range of academic programs in areas such as media, art, technology, business and sports.

The university has gained a reputation for its high-quality teaching and modern facilities. Their programs are designed to provide students with practical skills and relevant experiences in their chosen field. The university also emphasizes professional development, employability and preparation for the world of work.

At Miami Ad School, we provide you with an exceptional educational experience that will not only help you improve your skills, but will allow you to become an outstanding and highly trained professional. Our faculty is dedicated to your success and strives to comprehensively prepare you to meet the challenges of the world of work and thrive in the creative industry.

What makes our school unique is our educational approach, which combines solid, realistic training with practical experiences directly related to the professional environment. We firmly believe that theory and practice must go hand in hand to achieve deeper and more meaningful learning.

By choosing Miami Ad School, you will have access to the most advanced and up-to-date tools to excel in your career. Our programs are carefully designed to equip you with the skills and knowledge necessary to excel in the advertising, design and communications industry.

Additionally, we not only focus on providing a top-notch education, but we also value your personal and professional development. Our team of mentors and counselors will be available to provide guidance and support throughout your educational journey.

So if you are looking for an education that makes a difference and propels you towards professional success, do not hesitate to choose Miami Ad School. We are committed to helping you achieve your goals and become the best professional you can be. We are waiting for you to be part of this exciting and enriching educational experience!

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