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A Design Thinking, Innovation and Service Design course

Applying this approach in companies and corporations is synonymous with differentiation. Creativity is not a static discipline, it evolves by reacting to new social and business paradigms, opening unexplored doors that can lead us to possibilities that question the reality we have experienced until now.

Methodologies such as Design Thinking are being increasingly used by organizations to develop products, find new business models and stand out from the competition with services that little by little are changing the rules of the market. In the Design Thinking & Innovation Bootcamp, you will learn to empathize with your user, detect their needs and create solutions. You will be able to solve problems with a human approach while being part of a multidisciplinary team and working with a real client and project where you can apply everything you have learned.


October, 2024


11 weeks


Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 7:00 p.m. to 9:30 p.m.


Semi face-to-face


€2,600 + €300 registration fee | Bonusable by Tripartite Foundation

Why study the Design Thinking & Innovation Bootcamp?

Every day more important

Acquire skills and mentality to create differential solutions through creativity. Empower your teams to apply agile and design methodologies to daily work. Introduce new ways of doing and tools into your organization.

Boost your career

All those professionals who want to learn a way of working that allows them to differentiate themselves by better understanding the current context and incorporating creative tools into their way of working (creatives, designers, strategists, marketing, startups, executives, engineers, chefs, artists...).

Work with a real client

We think that the only way to learn is by doing, so for three months we will work on an innovation project with a real client, addressing their current business challenges. We will design new services or business models for them.

Professional outings

You can work in Strategic Design, Service Design, UX, Startups, Business Designer, Design Research, Innovation Departments of large companies, Product Design and much more.

Cliente 2024

Design Thinking & Innovation Course: week by week

Welcome to the course. Immersion in Design Thinking. Manage expectations and show a Zoom Out of the program and methodology. We will talk about your expectations and ours. We will share how we see the world and what we want to do for it using innovation and creativity.

Learn to understand the “why” of using creativity to face challenges. Begin to discover that thanks to this type of methodologies, we will know what people need and what we can do for them. We will form teams to be able to face the challenges that our client will pose to us. We will learn to work with visual maps. We will begin to use creative techniques to start asking ourselves questions. We will develop a Research Plan to start listening to the world.

Go deeper into the Research Plan. You will develop strategic frameworks based on the needs you detect of the people to whom the challenge is directed.

Organize existing information and transform it judiciously into knowledge and insights. Interviews, samples,…

Present to the client the job opportunities you have detected.

Build ideas based on real needs. Active listening continues and collaboration begins. Use your creativity to overcome obvious ideas and make room to dream big and think of solutions that don't exist yet.

You will develop value propositions based on ideas that fit the needs of our profile and the legitimacy of our client.

The experience of competing for a new account. How to focus on attracting a new client and how to develop a project that demonstrates your capabilities and skills as a candidate.

Learn how to prototype. Try to learn. Build a quick and basic prototype to tell your ideas to the world, people will help you complete the final proposal.

How to do validations. Give and receive feedback.

You will present the project to the client, where you will value your work and talent.

Our tutors

Carol Rodriguez and Carlos Murillo, founders of Spinoff

They know the world of innovation like few others, they have extensive experience working with internationally renowned companies, helping them to transform and renew themselves using the guidelines of innovative thinking.

In addition to this, they are passionate about training, which has been a perfect combination to create the best course in Design Thinking, Service Design and Innovation.
Digital Marketing + Creative Director at Indutry City
Transformation & Innovation Strategy Specialist at Iberia
Alberto Barreiro
Partner at Transformational Studio
Bethlehem Santa Olalla
Chief Creative Officer at Conducttr
Founder & Creative at Activist
Creative director, consultant and coach. Co-director of More Creative Women
Founder at Ciszak Dalmas & La Clinica Design
Founder & Creative Director at Invisible
Founder at Vizzuality
Carmen Bustos
Founder at Soulsight
Strategic Designer at Soulsight
Creative CCO at The Gourmetillo Food Studio
Design Strategy & Leadership / Consultant / Mentor / Advisor
Valentina Villa Gomez
Global Product and Experience Manager at Decelera
Founder and Showrunner of Morbo
Global Creative Strategy Lead at Meta
Co-founder, Advisor & Speaker at SAYE
Product director at The Cocktail
Immersive Creative Director at Nexus Studios
Innovation Director at PS21

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More information

Before diving into our master's degree in Design Thinking, you don't need any prior knowledge. Our program is designed so that everyone can participate, regardless of previous experience. The most important thing is to have the willingness and enthusiasm to learn.

Our course will invite you to work creatively, expanding your horizons and expanding your knowledge. With the support and guidance of our teachers, you will be able to develop skills and acquire fundamental tools that will enhance your professional growth.

To enter the working world of Design Thinking, it is crucial to understand how this methodology is applied in various industries, and demonstrate creative skills, problem-solving abilities, and effective communication. Job opportunities can include roles as a strategic design consultant, UX service design, in startups, as a business designer, designer researcher, in innovation departments of large companies, product design, among others.

In our master's degree in Design Thinking, you will get involved in real projects. Upon completion of the course, you will have the opportunity to present them to clients, which will facilitate your integration into the world of work with a practical and applied approach. Additionally, you will build a solid portfolio that highlights applied Design Thinking projects, allowing you to demonstrate your skills during job interviews.

Our Design Thinking course offers a wide range of skills and approaches that enable professionals to create innovative and differentiated solutions. In our program, you can acquire a mentality oriented to the generation of creative and differential solutions. It will train you to lead teams and apply agile and design methodologies in the work environment, thus promoting continuous innovation.

Furthermore, throughout the master's degree you will develop the ability to analyze the current environment, visualize potential futures and design strategies focused on people's real needs.

Design Thinking is highly effective in addressing complex problems because it focuses on deeply understanding user needs. By adopting a people-centered approach, encourages creativity to generate innovative and viable solutions. Its dynamic process allows it to adapt as new perspectives are discovered, finding more effective solutions adapted to real needs.

The approach used throughout our course encourages experimentation and learning through mistakes, enhancing your creativity. It is designed to stimulate the imagination and help you generate innovative ideas, giving you unique tools to solve problems.

Our Master in Design Thinking will expand your creative skills by providing you with a solid framework for approaching complex problems and will help you foster curiosity, lateral thinking and the exploration of multiple solutions.

Master of Design Thinking, Innovation and Service Design in Madrid

The best blended innovation, service design and strategic design course

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