Obtain an international degree in marketing and advertising

Are you interested in expanding your professional boundaries? Which is the best route? Here we help you clear your doubts and tell you all the Benefits of Earning an International Degree in Marketing and Advertising.

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What is and what does a university degree consist of?

The university degree is a higher level study that aims to prepare students to adapt to the workplace. That is, the degree study provides us with all the necessary tools to be successful professionals in our field of study.

University degree in marketing

When choosing a degree program, there are many students who choose a degree in marketing, confusing it with advertising. This study is oriented towards market and consumer behavior. The Marketing departments are in charge of carrying out market studies and defining strategies to attract, retain and build customer loyalty..

Although this study is related to the world of advertising, it is not exactly the same. Marketing is related to a greater extent with the generation of profits and to a lesser extent with creativity and content generation. If after reading this you are interested in obtaining a Bachelor in Marketing, we invite you to check out our international degree with a double degree: the diploma of MIAMI AD SCHOOL PORTFOLIO PROGRAM + the official English degree Bachelor with Honors in Marketing or Design awarded by the “University of the Creative Arts”.

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University degree in advertising

The university degree in advertising, on the other hand, is oriented towards carrying out advertising campaigns. In this career you will learn how to transmit a message to your audience. At Miami Ad School Madrid we believe that advertising is learned by “doing” and we work with the “Real World” methodology. What does this mean? That you will be focused 100% in practice, you will work with professionals active in the industry and you will carry out internships in the best advertising agencies in the world.

University degree in Marketing and Advertising

Carrying out the degree study in Marketing with Advertising from Miami Ad School Madrid You will be able to combine these two worlds that very frequently work together in creative teams. This degree will give you not only all the tools you need as a marketing professional, but you will also gain all the advertising knowledge necessary to achieve a successful career.

But you want to know specifically What is studied in Marketing and Advertising? Some of the areas covered in the study program are: marketing principles, account management, agency simulation, creative concept development and market research skills. As we mentioned before, our school is focused on practice, so when you finish your degree, you will quickly enter the industry with the knowledge you have acquired here.

The duration of the degree in Marketing with Advertising is only three years. During the first year you will learn essential knowledge about creativity at the Miami Ad School Madrid. In the second year you will have the opportunity to travel and continue training at any of the Miami Ad School schools or in one of the companies with which we have agreements internationally for one or two quarters. Finally, the third year you will study in Southampton at Solent University.

When you finish your studies you will obtain the Diploma of Portfolio Program in Art Direction or Copywriting from Miami Ad School Madrid and Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Solent University Marketing with Advertising.

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Differences between a university degree and a master's degree: which is better?

If you are trying to decide between doing a second degree or a master's degree, we hope we can clear up your doubts and help you make this very difficult decision. Here we give you some tips:

  • Define your objective: if what you want is to make a total change of professional sector or acquire knowledge and skills, we recommend starting with a degree. Now, if your goal is to continue deepening your knowledge in a specific field, the best option is a Master's degree.
  • Find out about the prerequisites: it is important that before deciding on a study you know if you can do it. In the case of Master's programs, it is a prerequisite to have a university degree. Remember that you also have other options such as Postgraduate Programs, Bootcamps and Portfolio Programs.
  • Take into account the job opportunity: your goal is to achieve professional success and it is the school where you study that will ultimately help you achieve it. Miami Ad School combines education with real experience and thanks to our partnerships with agencies and brands you will have at your fingertips the best market opportunities to stand out as a professional.
  • Type of qualification: ECTS Credits guarantee the equivalence between the official qualifications of the countries within the European Community. But keep in mind that there are also many schools that offer double degrees, which multiplies job opportunities.

Benefits of studying marketing or advertising abroad

The benefits of studying not only marketing or advertising, but any degree or master's degree abroad, are innumerable. When you study abroad, you not only learn to work in a different culture, but also, by being immersed in a world that is not your own, you will learn to relate, adapt and understand other realities. This will help you become a more independent, flexible and social person.

Studying outside your country is a unique experience that will shape you on a personal level, but will also greatly expand your network of contacts. International courses bring together students from all over the world, which will allow you to work on your networking and open the doors to endless possibilities.

Studying at a bilingual level is the best way to perfect your resume, it will give you greater fluency and confidence when using the foreign language. Please note that today it is It is essential to have English when finding a job. If your level is bilingual you will have a great competitive advantage over other candidates and you will also expand your job opportunities to other countries.

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Bachelor of Arts at Solent University and Bachelor in Marketing or Design at London School

At Miami Ad School Madrid we have two international university degree studies: he Bachelor of Arts at Solent University and the Bachelor of Marketing or Design at London School, degree offered by the prestigious University of the Creative Arts (UCA).

We recommend that you check out all the degrees that our creativity and advertising school in Madrid can offer you!

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